In Portland, the mania of Bernie

Reader Dave Begley reported for us on the mania of (and for) Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Now we can go to the tape to check out the mania for Bernie in Portland, Maine (video below, too long at about an hour).

Times are tough in Obama’s America! A revolution in political consciousness! Fight for Social Security! Fight for Social Security taxes! Raise the minimum wage! Transform America (again)! Brothers and sisters, we are going to end “wealth inequality”! It is “grotesque”! We are going to send a message to the billionaire class! Children are going hungry! Your greed has got to end, and we are going to end it for you! Real unemployment is 10.5 percent! The real tragedy is youth unemployment!

We have more people in jail than the Commies! Rethink the war on drugs! Free the people! Women control their bodies! Contraceptives (Republicans are opposed)! He’s been married for 27 years! Twelve weeks of paid family and medical leave are decreed! Two weeks of paid vacation are decreed! It’s the least we can do! He’s got a message for Wall Street! Koch brothers! Oligarchy! Free tuition at every public college and university is decreed! And so endlessly on.

Merle Haggard puts it somewhat more concisely: “We’ll all be drinking that free Bubble Up/And eating that rainbow stew.”

The man is feeling it, a relentless demagogue taking a trip down memory lane. He takes the trip with kernels of truth scattered like pebbles to help him find his way home. He returns to the ’30s, but it is the ’30s overlaid with C. Wright Mills and the higher wisdom of the ’60s.

Via Ed Driscoll/InstaPundit.


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