A word from Ahmad Batebi

Ahmad Batebi is a relatively well known Iranian dissident. He appeared on the cover of the Economist in 1999, waving the bloody shirt of a fellow protester. He was tried behind closed doors and convicted of “creating street unrest.” In the Islamic Republic of Iran, that’s a hanging offense. Batebi was sentenced to death, though the sentence was subsequently reduced and he escaped to fight another day. 60 Minutes told his story in a good 2009 segment.

Batebi draws on his personal experience as a prisoner of the Iranian regime to speak out against our catastrophic deal with Iran in the video below produced by Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran. Funny — funny if you’ve been listening closely to President Obama — Batebi doesn’t look Jewish, even though AIPAC formed CNFI to oppose the deal. So there is that. (Politico reports that the group’s advisory board includes five former Democratic members of Congress: Senators Evan Bayh, Mark Begich, Mary Landrieu and Joe Lieberman. Former Rep. Shelley Berkley, who served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, also advises the group.)

In 33 seconds the ad makes a good point in a powerful manner. It underlines what we already know about the nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Can you guess what the response of the idiotic left is? I failed. If you want to check your understanding of the mentality of the idiotic left, see this Crooks and Liars post.