A die-in to kill for

The Twin Cities Marathon went off without a hitch yesterday. The perfect weather didn’t hurt a bit. The Star Tribune reports that Kenyans placed first, second, and third among the men competing in the race. An Ethiopian joined two Kenyans in the top three among the women. A good time was had by all. Black Lives Matter could not be reached for comment.

As you may recall, the local Black Lives Matter crew had vowed to disrupt the marathon’s finish before local authorities placated them with alternate arrangements. Even so, the crew did not exactly observe the limitations in place. The Star Tribune also reports that they marched to within a few yards of the final stretch, breaking through several police cordons to chant about racial inequities as runners made their way toward the finish line. The Black Lives Matter crew is looking for a fight, but the police made no arrests.

Local Black Lives Matter spokesman Rashad Turner had a characteristically self-refuting statement for his supporters. “The Twin Cities Marathon had an opportunity to really show that they do feel like black lives matter, that they do feel Native lives matter. But they just attempted to drown us out, with their announcers talking louder.” Unfortunately, Turner could be heard adequately for reporters to quote him.

The Black Lives Matter crew also staged a die-in to kill for. The photograph published by the Star Tribune may provoke inappropriate laughter. The casting might be deemed racially insensitive. From the looks of the photograph, men of pallor were vastly overrepresented among the theatrical decedents.