What Happened to the Conservative Book Club?

Over the years the Conservative Book Club, now over 50 years old, has picked up several of my books as a main selection of the month, so I’m inclined to be well disposed to the CBC. But it is more than a little dismaying to see the CBC’s recent list of the “Top Ten Conservative Books of 2015” include this:

O'Reilly Book copy

I know the CBC, now a unit of Salem Communications, wants to move product and make money, and I don’t even mind the Number 6 book on the list (Donald Trump, Crippled America), but do they have to be insultingly stupid about it by calling O’Reilly’s tripe “the best-selling conservative book of 2015″?

I can recall once upon a time when the CBC offered as main selections serious books from serious conservative thinkers instead of chiefly media celebrities—books like Allen Weinstein’s Perjury, Milton and Rose Friedman’s Free to Choose, and just about every book from Thomas Sowell. At least Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash got the number 1 position on this list.