The gloves come off, but why did it take so long?

Check out Ted Cruz’s excellent new ad attacking Donald Trump over eminent domain.

This is the kind of information Trump’s rival candidates should have started putting out months ago when it became clear that Trump is for real. Instead, by and large they (1) indulged in the fantasy that Trump would fade away, (2) worried that Trump would fight back to their detriment, and/or (3) attacked lesser candidates (but better potential presidents) than Trump because they want to become preeminent in their “lane.”

These approaches smack of wishful thinking, cowardice, and opportunism, respectively. None of these traits recommends a candidate for the presidency.

Would Trump be riding so high if candidates had poured in the resources necessary to inform voters that, as the Cruz ad puts it so well, “Trump won’t change the system, he’s what wrong with it”? I’m not sure.

In any case, I consider it inexcusable that the GOP field as a whole has been so hesitant to spend money exposing Trump as the non-conservative he is.


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