Is Trump a Democratic Party Agent? [with comment by Paul]

It is hard to explain Donald Trump’s refusal, on CNN this morning, to disavow the Ku Klux Klan. Jake Tapper gave Trump multiple opportunities to do so, but Trump could only respond by saying he didn’t know anything about David Duke, who reportedly has endorsed him. Here is the video:

As Dan McLaughlin points out, Trump’s claim to be unaware of David Duke is demonstrably false. But then, who ever expected honesty from Trump?

But if we’ve given up on honesty, how about a minimal level of competence? Is Trump really such a fool that he can’t figure out it’s a bad idea to let the Democrats hang the Ku Klux Klan (formerly known as the militant arm of the Democratic Party) around his neck? He can’t possibly be that stupid. Can he? Or is he a Democrat, deliberately engaged in an effort to bring down the Republican Party and make Hillary Clinton, who is otherwise unelectable, our president? At this point, it is hard to tell. The alternatives are about equally plausible.

Elsewhere in the Republican Party, there are signs of intelligence. Earlier today, a heckler showed up at a Marco Rubio rally. Marco responded by identifying him as the valedictorian of Trump University:

Humor offers a momentary relief from the air of depression that has settled over the GOP race.

PAUL ADDS: If Trump is an agent of the Democrats (reportedly he talked about running for president with Bill Clinton shortly before entering the race), we should call him Agent Orange, in honor of his “spray tan.”