Christie skips N.J. trooper’s funeral for Trump

Donald Trump likes to say that law enforcement officers are the “most mistreated people” in America. He may be right. Clearly, law enforcement officers are insufficiently respected.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie showed insufficient respect for law enforcement officers when he skipped the funeral of New Jersey State Trooper Sean Cullen. The 31 year-old officer was struck by a motorist last week while responding to a car fire on New Jersey’s Interstate 295.

Cullen’s funeral was held today in Washington Township, N.J. According to the Washington Examiner, “hundreds of police officers, family members and friends” attended.

The New Jersey Governor was not present. Instead, he chose to host a town hall meeting for Donald Trump in Hickory, North Carolina. In practice, this meant “serv[ing] up occasional questions to prompt the Republican presidential frontrunner on the talking points that have become routine at his rallies.”

Later, it was on to Tampa, Florida and Youngstown, Ohio in service of the campaign.

For Christie, sucking up to Donald Trump takes precedence over honoring a fallen New Jersey State Trooper.

Just what Christie can do for Trump in North Carolina is unclear. Were he still in the race, his share of the North Carolina vote likely wouldn’t exceed 3 percent. Christie probably couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Hickory. At this point, it’s doubtful he could win that office anywhere in New Jersey, either.

But it’s the thought that counts — the thought being that the more of a lapdog Christie becomes, the better his chances of prospering in the Trump administration of his dreams.