Trump’s Unpopularity Deepens

An AP-GfK poll released today finds Donald Trump with an astonishing 69% disapproval rating. Only 26% view Trump favorably:

For Americans of nearly every race, gender, political persuasion and location, disdain for Donald Trump runs deep, saddling the Republican front-runner with unprecedented unpopularity as he tries to overcome recent campaign setbacks.

Seven in 10 people, including close to half of Republican voters, have an unfavorable view of Trump, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. It’s an opinion shared by majorities of men and women; young and old; conservatives, moderates and liberals; and whites, Hispanics and blacks — a devastatingly broad indictment of the billionaire businessman.

Even in the South, a region where Trump has won GOP primaries decisively, close to 70 percent view him unfavorably. And among whites without a college education, one of Trump’s most loyal voting blocs, 55 percent have a negative opinion.

It is hard to understand how such a deeply unpopular politician could be a serious contender for the presidency. Of course, the other candidates aren’t much liked by voters, either. Hillary Clinton has a 55% disapproval rating, and Ted Cruz is viewed negatively by 59%. Still, those numbers are eclipsed by Trump’s 69%, a figure that is still falling.

Someday, maybe someone will figure out why voters can’t stand politicians, but at the same time insist on giving them ever more money and power over our lives.