The Next President Must Be a White Male Republican

That is Glenn Reynolds’s modest proposal. And he is right. The supposed watchdogs of the press become toothless lap pets when the president is a Democrat, let alone a black Democrat. Those of us who believe in the Constitution can wish for only thing: a white male Republican, like Donald Trump. Only the victory of such a candidate will cause the liberal commentariat (and maybe the judiciary) to re-awaken to the dangers of an imperial presidency.

Glenn writes:

In our current system, the biggest check on presidential power is public criticism, and despite the rise of niche media such as Fox News and talk radio, the kind of public criticism that actually has an impact mostly comes from the left-controlled “mainstream media.”

With a black Democrat in the White House, those organs have often been loath to criticize the president themselves, and swift to assume that anyone who does offer criticism is partisan, and probably a racist to boot. But with a white male Republican in the White House, all criticisms will be presumed valid.

Every president has some wiggle room, but white male Republicans have less in our system. So if you want the imperial presidency to wiggle less, that’s whom we should elect. And if that’s what it takes to get the press to do its job of scrutinizing and criticizing power, then that’s what we need.

Glenn’s tongue is perhaps a bit in cheek, but the point is deadly serious. The Constitution has been severely eroded under President Obama, and virtually no one in the press, or on the left generally, has cared. Does anyone doubt that a Hillary Clinton administration would be more of the same? There is only one solution: if you value your freedoms, vote for a white male Republican–in this case, Donald Trump.