For the Washington Post leftism is the measure of all things

George Voinovich died this week. Voinovich, a Republican, was a highly successful mayor of Cleveland, an extremely popular governor of Ohio (reelected with 74 percent of the vote in a quintessential swing state), and an influential two-term U.S. Senator (reelected with 64 percent of the vote).

How did the Washington Post choose to remember this political giant? With the following obituary headline (paper edition):

George Voinovich, 79, Republican politician from Ohio periodically opposed conservatives.

I guess this is how we all will be judged at the end of our days in the brave new world the Washington Post strives to bring about: How frequently did we oppose conservatives?

Voinovich did “oppose” conservatives, and more than “periodically.” He did it about one-third of the time, as his lifetime ACU rating of around 70 percent shows.

One can imagine the following Post headlines for the obits of politicians further along the conservative spectrum.

Didn’t always toe the conservative line.

Wasn’t thoroughly right wing.

Got it right on rare occasions.

Conservatives may be able to answer to St. Peter at the pearly gates, but we have no shot with the Washington Post.


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