Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll takes One More Trip to the Bathroom…Because it’s That Important!

Let us say that a baby is born and it turns out to be a boy. Blue-wrapped cigars for everyone! And don’t forget Mrs. Clinton’s husband who enjoys a good cigar. The boy baby’s gender is of course, not “assigned” at all, but obvious even on ultrasound. Yes, there is a vanishingly small number of babies born with confused genitalia, but typically, a choice is made on the spot to eliminate the confusion.

This boy grows up, hits puberty, and has many options. Depending on what research you believe, he has somewhere between a 9 in 10 or 97 in 100 chance of being attracted to girls. If he is attracted to other males, he can live happily ever after, free of legal discrimination and even marry another man nowadays, plus force the unwilling to bake him a nice cake. He can wear as much makeup as Tammy Faye Bakker and high heels and dresses, or he can go full macho like the mustachioed muscle boys in every gym in Palm Springs.

Could someone explain to me why, then, he feels the need to mutilate himself in order to become a fake woman? How does one “feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body”? Since he isn’t one, how does he even know what a woman feels like? Isn’t that as unacceptably presumptuous as if I were to say I feel like a black person trapped in a white body? I don’t just identify as black, mind you, I feel black and taxpayers must turn me into a black person.

There are women whom unscrupulous plastic surgeons have turned into cats. Must society provide them litter boxes in public accommodations? And pay for the transition? Plus lifetime support? I would wager that anyone as unbalanced as a catwoman would have a hard time keeping a job and one sees few ads for top-notch mousers in the Help Wanted Section.

What can a male do or not do as a male that he believes he can do as a female? Name one thing. Does he want to cry over Beaches or bake a cherry pie or be worse at math? (“Math is hard.”) Does he want to have to buy way more expensive underwear and wear idiotic shoes that will hurt his feet assuming he can find Jimmy Choos in Size 13? Help yourself!

I wish these poor souls could experience a period that starts unexpectedly in 8th grade English while they’re wearing a white skirt. That would snap ’em out of it real quick, but, of course, they NEVER will have a period, or a female orgasm, or 17 hours of labor any more than I will ever know what it feels like to be kicked in the nuts. (Best guess: bad.)

And, finally, isn’t this person now abandoning his privileged gender and volunteering to become oppressed? Doesn’t he realize according to Leftist Holy Writ he will be doomed to making but 76% of what he used to make as a man? Not even to mention becoming one of the gazillion anorexics some feminists claim exist. Guess no feminist “researchers” have ever been to my Walmart. The women there have the anorexia problem pretty much licked.

I could understand the situation marginally better for women wanting to be men. It would make some sense to change teams if we were still back in the days of hoop skirts and legal barriers. But we aren’t. Women now outnumber men in admission to both med school and law school. They can be astronauts, cops, construction workers, boxers or Navy Seals. They can be girly-girls or tomboys. Women can be single and self-supporting, or marry each other or have babies and make Baby Daddy Government support them. Let’s hear it for Julia!

If a very masculine-appearing woman goes into the men’s room and into a separate stall, nobody would be the wiser. Can such a person use a urinal? (Doctors: l’il help here…) But, the problem of former women in the men’s room would not be nearly as dramatic as the other way around. Few men are in danger of being assaulted by a wee former woman with a goatee. Speaking of which, has not this new “man” now become part of the evil male sex, the embodiment of patriarchal privilege?

Certainly not! We’re told that the very act of transitioning creates a whole new category that not only merits entitlement, but evidently trumps even women’s formerly entitled status. The transgender is forever separately protected as the “T” in LGBT. They are at the very top of the Oppressed Entitled Food Chain, even though their “oppression” is as voluntary as the catwoman’s! It’s win-win. Except for the 44% who either attempt or succeed at suicide.

I have heard it argued that that appalling suicide rate is a reflection of the rude or bullying treatment they receive. I am opposed to treating ANYONE badly. But, I have a different guess. I think these were massively unhappy, unhinged people before they mutilated themselves. And they found that changing genitalia did nothing to improve their lives.

Obama’s education directives about showers and locker-rooms will turn Title IX on its head. The restroom directive will endanger women. And all for something affecting maybe 20,000 people instead of half the human race in the case of women.

I reiterate my conclusion from a couple of weeks ago: Obama is not only flexing his puny little muscles, but he and his leftist comrades are frantically busy redefining reality. If you can make all the right-thinking people use ridiculous pronouns, and severely punish those who refuse, you hold powerful coercive tools. (Parenthetically, is one of the pronouns “shee-it”? If not, it should be.) If you can get all the kewl people to insist that a man with a penis is a woman and a little boy who says he’s a girl today is a girl, well, then, there is absolutely nothing you cannot make them say or do. Game over, side out.