Understatement of the Year

This Wall Street Journal story this morning about how the Brexit vote unfolded in the Labour Party stronghold of Sunderland wins Power Line’s Understatement of the Year Award. Keep in mind that it was the Labour government under Tony Blair that pushed for expanded immigration to bolster the ranks of Labour voters, just as Democrats in the U.S. want expanded immigration to swell the ranks of Democratic voters:

SUNDERLAND, England—Labour politician Paul Brannen set out to fight a referendum campaign that would unify residents of this northern industrial town around the benefits of staying in the European Union.

But as he stood early Friday morning in a vote-counting hall watching the blue-collar district’s strong backing emerge for leaving the EU, a pale Mr. Brannen said he realized where pro-EU campaigners had fallen short.

“We should have done more on immigration,” he said.

Memo to U.S. political leaders: Are you starting to get the picture yet?


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