On Iran, Israelis Say: Obama Is Wrong

Barack Obama desperately claims the Iran deal is working. Well, he is partly right: it is working for the mullahs, anyway. He tried to enlist Israel among his supporters, as the Associated Press reports:

Obama said in remarks on Thursday that the Iran deal is working and that “it’s the assessment of the Israeli military and intelligence community … that acknowledges this has been a game-changer.”

Heh. A game-changer perhaps, but in what direction? Israel’s government gently disassociates itself from Obama’s lies:

Israel is rejecting remarks by President Barack Obama contending it no longer opposes the nuclear deal that world powers struck with Iran in 2015.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that “Israel’s view on the Iran deal remains unchanged.”

Israel’s Defense Ministry reportedly compared the deal to the 1938 Munich Pact ahead of World War II, which Britain and France signed with Germany and which averted war at the time but effectively gave then-Czechoslovakia to the Nazis.

So: Obama says, Israel is with me on the Iran giveaway! Israel says, no, it’s a lot like the Munich Pact.

Does it matter? Probably not. We have entered a bizarro world in which facts seemingly make no difference. Any lie will do, as far as the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton are concerned.


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