Russell Wilson avoids sack on alleged wedding move

Russell Wilson’s wedding planner says that the quarterback’s wedding to Ciara was originally going to take place in North Carolina but the couple opted for Paris, and when that didn’t work out, a castle in England. I wrote about this claim here.

Wilson was asked today to confirm the wedding planner’s account. According to this report, Wilson responded:

I’m just going to simply talk about, I just believe Jesus loves all people. That’s honestly what I believe, and I just always constantly pray for world peace. I pray for peace in the world. I pray for joy. But my focus honestly right now is just on the Cowboys and scoring in the red zone.

Wilson may be focused on scoring in the red zone, but he’s not oblivious to public relations. His answer signals his political correctness and, simultaneously, touts his religious faith. In addition, Wilson never actually says that he and his bride nixed a North Carolina wedding in favor of a European one for political/ideological reasons.

As for Jesus, no doubt he loves all people. But do his teachings really tell us anything about who should pee where?


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