The Nation’s Political Pilgrims, Iran Edition

If The Nation magazine’s special “curated” tour of the Soviet Union Russia isn’t enough for you, why they have another trip to an America-hating country that may be perfect: Iran!

Join The Nation as we travel to Iran for an educational excursion curated for a very limited delegation of Nation readers and supporters. Undoubtedly, this trip will offer a rare opportunity to experience the people, politics, culture, and history of a country that has been at the very center of geopolitics for decades and that so few Americans have an opportunity to visit.

Our journey will take us to Tehran, where we will meet with college professors and other experts, and to the historic cities of Shiraz, Persepolis, Naqshi-i-Rustam, Pasargad, Isfahan, Kashan, and Qom. We will tour Iran’s preeminent museums, bazaars, mosques, and most significant historical sites.


Supposedly this is a round-trip excursion, but this is one case where I’d love it if the Iranians decide to extend their extra-long stay hospitality to the naifs of The Nation. Or maybe The Nation gang will serve as nuclear weapons inspectors for President Obama. I’m sure they’ll report any violations they see.


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