A Narrow Shade of Green

If a major industrial area succeeded in eliminating all coal-fired electric power in a relatively short period of time, you’d think environmentalists would be celebrating, wouldn’t you? That’s the question Rauli Partanen & Janne Korhonen, authors of Climate Gamble, are asking:

A historic moment in the fight against climate change took place in April 2014. A coal plant in Ontario, the biggest province in Canada, burned what was promised to be Ontario’s last load of coal ever. Thus, Ontario became the first large area in North America to quit coal burning altogether—a full year ahead of schedule. If Ontario (population 13.4 million) were an independent country, it would be the first industrial country in the world to quit coal.

As recently as 2003, a full quarter of Ontario’s electricity came from burning coal. Now, a little more than a decade later, legislators in Ontario are planning to outlaw the burning of coal permanently. The change has been astonishingly fast, especially if one compares it to the oft-mentioned “champions of climate change” such as Germany and Denmark. These nations are planning to quit burning coal sometime between 2030 and 2050, assuming they can do it without significant economic costs and difficulties.

Ontario’s achievement nevertheless remains almost invisible in the climate and energy debate. To our knowledge, not one environmental group has used it as an example, nor have they ever mentioned it as far as we know. Green politicians are not urging us to follow Ontario’s example, even though Germany and Denmark are often highlighted as shining examples for all of us to follow. Yet Ontario’s success is undeniable.

Let’s pause here for a moment to see if anyone can guess why the climatistas are ignoring this climate success story? Ready? Here goes:

We suspect the reason why it has been largely ignored is simple, yet troubling: Ontario produces more than half its electricity from nuclear power, and it has increased nuclear power production since 2003 by more than a quarter. The Canadians are winning the climate fight, but with what some call the wrong weapon.

Bingo. If electricity isn’t from solar panels and windmills, along with hair shirt pain an suffering, it’s no fun at all for the climatistas.


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