The curious case of Ilhan Omar

Last week I sat down with Preya Samsundar to talk about her work on the Ilhan Omar story. Covering the story for Alpha News, Preya has shown herself to be a dogged, resourceful and unintimidated reporter. It occurred to me that some readers might be interested in a summary of the story to date. I salute Preya’s efforts and include a few of her quotable quotes from our conversation in the just-posted City Journal column “The curious case of Ilhan Omar.” Even if you have followed the story so far here on Power Line, I think you may find the column of interest. Please check it out.

NOTE: Sissy Willis writes via Twitter to ask what’s the point. That is a good question. Let me add this note by way of executive summary.

Ilhan Omar emerged as the new hero of Minnesota’s liberal axis when she defeated 22-term state Rep. Phyllis Kahn in the DFL primary on August 9. Omar is is an immigrant, a Somali and a Muslim. The Star Tribune hailed her victory as “historic” and examined it in two follow-up stories. In the column, I take a look at the question whether Omar married her brother and current legal husband for dishonest purposes in 2009 and salute Preya for her work advancing the story while the rest of Minnesota’s mainstream media outlets are nowhere to be found.