Joe Biden: The plagiarist as pugilist

Scott has commented on Joe Biden’s tough talk about wanting to fight Donald Trump “behind the gym.” About Biden’s willingness to engage in fisticuffs and his prowess in that regard, I haven’t a clue.

I do know that Biden lacked the courage to take on Hillary Clinton for the presidency. The vice president was cowed by the Clinton Machine. It was left to the much tougher Bernie Sanders to step into the breach and make a strong run against heavy odds.

It may also be worth remembering that in 2010, Biden’s late son Beau ducked a Senate race when it appeared that Delaware Republicans would re-nominate the popular Mike Castle. In the end, Castle lost to a Tea Party candidate in the primary, and Democrat Chris Coons waltzed into the Senate.

We don’t know whether Talkin’ Joe advised his son not to run, but it seems likely that Beau consulted his father and took seriously whatever advice he offered.

At my junior high (there was no fighting by the time we got to high school), the kids who wanted to fight other kids behind the school almost invariably were poor students. When they weren’t picking fights, they were trying to copy your homework.

Thus, one can imagine young Joe Biden, future plagiarist, wanting to fight certain kids behind the gym.


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