Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll resumes her normal broadcasting schedule with NO HUGGING; NO LEARNING. She writes:

Years ago, I saw a great special on Jerry Seinfeld and his eponymous sitcom in which he said (paraphrasing, not exact quoting…) that they wanted a character-driven sitcom in which the all-too-human characters did not “learn” moral lessons – like in, say, Little House on the Prairie – but at the end of the day went right on being the same flawed, neurotic beings, they always were. Or, as Jerry termed it, “No hugging; no learning.”

Instead of “Stronger Together’ – which would be a great motto for a lynch mob – the DNC and their media mouthpieces should adopt the motto “No hugging; no learning.” Own it, you morons! You are absolutely incapable of learning the most basic courtesy, to say nothing of clever strategy. Please, I’m begging you, continue on this path by all means. Follow your mentor, Alinsky, right over the cliff.

Sure, Hillary was a terrible candidate with enough baggage to pack for a 3-month trip around the world without even wearing the same ugly pantsuit twice. A terrible candidate was a necessary but insufficient condition for the disaster that befell them. But, when it’s all boiled down, they lost from denigrating, insulting and smearing some 50 million people as “racist…blahblahblah…deplorables.” A tisket, a tasket, you blew it with that basket.

So, you turn on the telly for the brilliant post-apocalyptic analysis and what do they all say as with one screeching voice? Are there apologies and mea culpas? Are you nuts? This election was “A whitelash” (great Communist thinker Van Jones); “it’s just those uneducated white men voting with their gene pool” (Famous “Conservative” David Brooks who has voted Democrat for the last 3 elections.) Lady Gag-me shows up onstage in some dreadful faux Nazi get-up to indicate that Donald Trump and all his supporters are Nazis, get it? What a knee-slapper, Gags! Especially to the vets who actually fought them. You know, those stupid men who are the reason you aren’t speaking German today, you talentless fool.

And on and on. John wrote on Wednesday about Slate magazine’s postmortem cover with headlines like “Trump Won Promising Resurgent White Supremacy” and “I am a Gay Jew in Trump’s America and I am Afraid for My Life” by one histrionic Mark Joseph Stern. Markie, honey, coincidentally I am also a Happy Jew in Trump’s America and I was afraid for Israel and Jews on campus UNTIL Trump won. So take a Valium or do some Tai Chi or something and relax. You will be just fine. Option B is to live somewhere you can carry a 9 mm Walther PPQ at all times. Or any weapon of your choice, now that Hillary won’t be taking them.

You don’t have to be a close student of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to figure out – if you are capable of learning anything, forget the hugging – that you cannot bully and insult your way to popularity with the general electorate. Calling them disgusting names is not the bestselling Peale way to “make friends and influence people.”

Smart Mr. AG pointed out in our post-election discussion, that the reason the more unhinged liberals think they can name-call and bully us into compliance is that is what they do to each other and it works. Try wearing an “insensitive” Halloween costume on campus, or expressing the opinion that we don’t really need Tampax in the Men’s Room because no man alive needs one, and find yourself Twittered to within an inch of your life, fired, banished, and shunned forever. If you were a faculty member, no more white wine and Baked Brie for you, Deplorable! You will be lumped in with the Velveeta People (which I believe, personally, makes THE best, meltiest Grilled Cheese Sandwich, so stuff it).

Ninety-eight percent of all Black people voting for Obama? Could that be an example of a demographic voting with their gene pools? Absolutely not; perfectly wonderful, exemplary even! Eric Holder – Dept of (Blind) Justice head – calling Black people “my people” as he fails to prosecute Black thugs with baseball bats outside a polling place? Nothing to see here. No such thing as Black racism! Blacks can’t even BE racist, everybody knows that.

But, 70 percent of white workers voting for a man who promises to get them back to work? Racists, one and all! What other motivation could there possibly be for wanting a paycheck?

It’s tedious, tiresome, obnoxious, offensive, and deliciously ineffective. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but them’s fighin’ words and will get us to the ballot box and THEN won’t you be sorry! In the words of the great phone advert: “Can you hear us now?”

As I write this, there are several “mostly peaceful” demonstrations going on against democracy and the peaceful transition of power which feature smashed windows, blocked traffic, and jaunty banners imploring a sniper to kill the new President Elect. Once you’ve called your fellow citizens Nazis and racists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes and irredeemable, it’s a very short hop, skip and a jump over the shark to ordering their perfectly justified executions. It has happened en masse in every leftist workers’ paradise in the world. In the tens of millions.

But that’s a downer to contemplate on this happy day. So let’s end on a high note.

Inspired by David Brooks, a Democrat who identifies as a conservative for 30 pieces of silver, and since weekly columnist for Power Line is an unremunerated pleasure, I have decided to apply to be a LIBERAL spokesdrone on NPR. My liberal bona fides are surely as stellar as Mr. Brooks’s are “conservative.” I think I have the snotty, superior tone almost down if I can stifle that Minnesota accent that makes me sound kind of overly friendly, yet boring. Think Walter Mondale in drag. Alas, I have a face made for radio, but a voice made for the printed word.


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