Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll gets in the spirit of the (political) season in MANY HACKS A-HACKING: And a Partridge In a Pear Tree! She writes:

If you live long enough, you will see everything again. The last “hack alert” I recall most vividly came from Hillary’s galpal’s husband-like substance, the estimable Mr. Carlos Danger. When his enchanting photographic art (The Pecs and Crotch Period) came to light, he first Tweeted that he had been hacked, adding for verisimilitude, “What’s next? Will my toaster attack me?” What a card, that Danger guy! (Is using “Carlos” to troll high school girls more sexist or racist? You be the judge.)

Joy Behar, second-banana harridan from The View, is concerned that we have to stop Trump who she suggests should resign before the inauguration. Good one, Joy. He’ll get right on that. And why? Because with Trump as President, Old Glory will soon be festooned with a hammer and sickle. Bet that one caught you by surprise!

Joy, Joy, Joy, did you not get the DNC memo? Trump is a Nazi, remember Lady Gaga and Sarah Silverman in those adorable Nazi outfits? And a racist. So, the danger to the flag – which, in any event, leftists love to see burned and disrespected – is that it will have a swastika or the Stars and Bars, not the hammer and sickle. I know you’re an idiot, but try to keep up with the narrative, dear.

Not even to mention that Leftists LOVE them some communism in all its incarnations – Chinese (Tom Friedman wets himself at the very thought of being able to FORCE people to do things with the gay abandon that China does); Cuba, where all the important movie stars and football kneelers worshiped Che and Fidel; and Russia, of course, which was presented by Obama and Hillary with the famous Red “Reset” button. Never mind that the Russian word on the button translated as “Overload” which must have had the Russians scratching their heads. The Reset Button was, arguably, a nicer gift than the Collected Speeches of Chairman Obama given to The Queen of England. Lucky for her, the speeches were not in a format that worked in Britain. Classy.

Remember way back to the 2012 debates when Mitt warned about Putin? And the response was “The eighties called. They want their foreign policy back.” Another knee-slapper. And now, suddenly, Putin is a BAD GUY? Who hacks and changes the outcome of our elections, the way Obama tried to do in Israel? Tut-tut.

I watch a lot of crime shows, so I know that a criminal needs both motive and opportunity. In 50 state elections (57 if you do Obama’s count) , with everything from early voting to election-day-registration to voting machines and paper ballots, where exactly is the opportunity for Putin to hack?

And more to the point: WHY? What on earth would motivate Vlad to prefer Donald to Hillary? She already sold him all the uranium he wanted. She blurted on national television the time it takes to launch an attack. Her whole “pay to play” fraudulent charity meant she had a giant “For Sale” sign on her ample rear. Trump is supposed to be a maniac who can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, unlike, say, Jimmah Carter, who once sent a coat to the cleaners which contained the codes. Why would Mr. Putin want such a terrifying loose cannon to win?

Apart from liking beautiful women, which sets them apart from all the men I know, it’s not clear that Donald and Vlad have that much in common. For example, I have never once seen Trump without a shirt and hope to maintain that record until the day I die.

I have never witnessed such a mass psychosis reaction to an election outcome in all my born days. Good Lord, the weeping, the wailing about what to tell “the children,” the threats to keep Grandmas who voted for Trump from seeing their grandchildren, the “protests” in the street, the “He’s Not My President” T-shirts, the threats from Gloria Steinem to refuse to pay her taxes if Planned Parenthood is defunded. (Hey, Gloria, does this mean that all the pro-lifers can cease paying taxes NOW when Planned Parenthood IS funded? Please respond before April 15th, so we know what is allowed.)

The recount was an expensive failure, netting yet more votes for Trump. The bribing and threatening electors will be a failure or there will be pitchforks and torches to be sure, and many people have .50 cal pitchforks.

So now here comes the Investigation into the Russian Hacking Scam. Naturally, the predictably embarrassing John McCain and Lindsey Graham have booked adjoining suites on that Titanic. Which of these useless, preening fools does not love a good Congressional Investigation with face time in front of the cameras, soaring oratory alone in the Chamber for the Congressional Record, and the chance to “reach across the aisle” into Chuck Schumer’s pants?

And when that fails too, there are promised disruptions of the Inauguration. Democrats: modeling for all our children the concept of sportsmanship and gracious losing. Stay tuned.


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