Cedric the congressman: Not funny

Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana’s Second District is no Cedric the Entertainer, but he’s trying. He was trying to be funny when he disparaged Kellyanne Conway with a vile sexual innuendo at the Washington Press Club Foundation Wednesday night (video below).

Looking around online for a video to verify the quote, I found New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist Jarvis DeBerry’s decent assessment of Richmond’s remark in “Cedric Richmond owes Kellyanne Conway a real apology.” DeBerry’s call for a “real apology” is to be distinguished from the fake apology served up by Rep. Richmond. Rep. Richmond owes Ms. Conway a genuine apology.

Has CNN gotten around to covering this interesting sign of the times? Have CNN anchors come to Kellyanne’s defense or called out Rep. Richmond? Check here.

UPDATE: Kellyanne comments here.