Liberal Attacks Conservative Talk Show Host

In Marin County, a Brownshirt strikes:

Michael Savage, the popular right-wing radio personality and fierce Donald Trump supporter, says he was assaulted by a man as he was leaving a Marin County restaurant Tuesday night.
[Attorney Daniel] Horowitz suggested it’s unlikely his client was the aggressor, given that he’s 5 feet 6 inches tall and 75 years old.

Horowitz said Savage, who lives in Marin County, had finished up a quiet dinner alone at Servino Ristorante. He had a bag of leftover food in one hand and his constant companion, his toy poodle Teddy, in the other.

Outside the restaurant, the man, who stands around 6 feet 5 inches, came at Savage, “yelling insults,” Horowitz said.

After Savage told the man to “go away,” he started to turn. Horowitz said it appears that the man knocked Savage to the ground while also pushing his dog out of the way.

At that point, another customer from the restaurant intervened, and Savage’s alleged assailant punched him in the face, Horowitz said. Savage was somehow able to get back up and help the good Samaritan while also calling police.

This kind of thing is happening all the time. So far, I don’t believe I have seen a single Democratic Party politician condemn his party’s militant wing.


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