The O’Donnell hypothesis

Michael Doran (@Doranimated) is the sagacious senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, author of Ike’s Gambit and former (G.W.) Bush administration National Security Council senior director. Among his invaluable essays on the Age of Obama are “Obama’s secret Iran strategy” and “Our man in Moscow” (that would be Obama’s buddy Vlad the Impaler).

Doran generously declares this the moment when the left totally lost its mind (screenshot below). There is an element of calculation in the madness of Lawrence O’Donnell, however, and the madness represents an enduring phenomenon. See MSNBC passim.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 8.22.48 AM

O’Donnell, incidentally, still has his own show on MSNBC. He spent a long while elaborating his reading of the situation on the show last night. “I raise [my theory] without assigning a statistical probability to it,” he explained.


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