Manchester this time

As we take in the carnage in Manchester, words fail us. Words fail to do justice to the tragedy of the lives taken and the bodies maimed. Words fail to account for the protracted and multifaceted conflict in which we are engaged.

Words fail to do justice to our impotent outrage. Words fail to express our dread knowledge of the evil on display. We almost wish to be wrong this time, but we are not wrong. We are called to tell the truth as we understand it, to take sides without apology and to face down the evil that confronts us.

President Trump’s presence in Israel at the time of the Manchester massacre is illuminating in its own way. Since the day of its creation Israel has fought a death struggle against this evil. President Trump’s unapologetic and heartfelt sympathy for Israel and the survival of the Jewish people is profoundly moving.

Today President Trump expressed his sympathy for the victims of the Manchester massacre while standing side by side with the Palestinian Authority’s official paymaster of terror in Bethlehem, of all places. President Trump tactfully criticized Abbas and the murderous culture he has fostered, yet here again words fail.


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