Michael Oren on Trump in Israel, &c.

Michael Oren is the prominent historian, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, member of Israel’s Knesset and deputy minister for public diplomacy. He recently sat for a 90-minute interview with Times of Israel editor David Horovitz (audio below). Much of the discussion is devoted to President Trump’s visit to Israel last week. Raoul Wootliff reports on the interview here with video clips.

Wootliff’s account selects highlights and pulls newsworthy quotes, but the entirety of the interview warrants your time. Reflecting underlying realities, his remarks are knowledgeable and penetrating. He is a natural teacher. I urge interested readers to check out Wootliff’s account and listen to the whole thing below.

Quotable quote: “If we give [the Palestinians] a state tomorrow, it will fail in days or even hours.”

NOTE: We interviewed Oren about his outstanding memoir Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide in the Power Line podcast posted here.