The Dems’ 100 days

Marc Thiessen has the clever idea of taking the metric of “the first 100 days” and applying it to the Democrats. Thiessen writes in the Washington Post, no less:

The Democrats spent much of Trump’s first months in office pushing their unfounded narrative of Trump’s alleged collusion with Vladimir Putin. But that narrative went up in smoke when Trump launched missile strikes against Putin’s Syrian ally, Bashar al-Assad. Trump not only hit the air base from which Assad allegedly had launched his chemical weapons attack but also dropped the “mother of all bombs” on the Democrats’ efforts to paint him as a Putin puppet. His Syrian strikes were followed by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s blistering speech before the U.N. Security Council laying the blame on Russia for failing to stop Syria’s use of chemical weapons and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s charge, on a recent visit to Afghanistan, that Russia is arming the Taliban. Suddenly, we’re in a new Cold War with Moscow — which pours cold water on Democrats’ case for Trump-Putin collusion. All that effort at character assassination down the drain.

We can nevertheless say this with certainty regarding the “effort at character assassination.” There’s more where it came from.

Thiessen’s column is worth reading in its entirety. The whole thing is here.


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