Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll isn’t buying what the Resistance is selling. She calls this one RESISTING COMMON DECENCY. She writes:

As I write this, Steve Scalise is in fair condition, still fighting for his life. However successful is his long road back to health and fitness (please, God), one thing is certain: he will never be the same. I know this just from my relatively minor but continuing limitations from my little rotator cuff injury more than a year ago. Which is a far cry from a bullet tearing through internal organs and shattering bone.

One of the worst conceits I’ve seen in my long lifetime has to be the notion that the paid masked rioters and “antifa” thugs who inspired the assassin are somehow part of a proud tradition of “Resistance.” Rudeness, rampage and rioting are not “resistance.”

They do all start with “R,” and that is close enough for the brain-dead, lazy, chickens**t losers who have to believe themselves to be part of something important and worthy. Instead of what they actually are: just cowardly, blackshirted criminals wearing little bandana masks like they wore when they were six, playing “Cowboys and Indians.” (Or Boys of Cow and Indigenous Peoples in pc language. Don’t bother learning the correct language – the game is virtually illegal now on playgrounds anyway, along with Tag, Monkey Bars, Dodgeball, and chewing your bologna into the shape of a gun.)

Real resistance to massive, powerful evil has potentially dreadful real-world consequences. These spoiled brats screaming spittle-flecked obscenities at professors, wandering the campus with baseball bats, don’t even get kicked out of college.

Resistance is risking torture and death in World War II Occupied France by helping to hide Jews or downed Allied pilots from the Nazis. If captured, trust me, Literally Hitler saw to it that the worst thing that happened to them was not to lose their New Year’s Eve hosting gig.

Resistance is women risking torture and death in Central American dictatorships by wearing white and making a fuss about the “disappeared,” who number in the thousands.

Resistance is trying to become some sort of law enforcement agent in Mexican cartel territory. Or being Coptic Christians in a Muslim country.

Resistance was smuggling matzoh into Communist Russia, or God forbid, trying to leave Russia, especially for Israel. Do you think those caught lost just their endorsement for the Squatty Potty? No. They lost everything – housing, jobs, families. “Wintering” in Siberia. Or lifelong confinement in a “mental hospital.”

And Resistance was the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King marching for the most elemental human rights and dignity and risking beatings, jail and death threats that were eventually carried out. The pusillanimous morons protesting white women selling burritos or demanding that all white professors exile themselves from a campus are not only NOT part of his legacy; they are simply crude and ugly racists themselves.

Even apart from the violence and obscenity of their behavior, Dr. King would have had nothing to do with them. They are not “reverse” racists, a phrase coined a few decades ago; they are just regular old garden-variety racists and loud-n’-proud bigots, plain and simple. As vile as any hooded coward. If you hate someone because of the color of his/her skin, then you are a racist no matter what the color of yours. Own it.

I understand the shall-remain-nameless wretch with the severed head has been done to death by now. I want to address her apologists – lookin’ at YOU, Al Franken – who are trying to pass off a Presidential beheading in effigy as just a First Amendment statement, a little prank gone awry. These are people who have lost all connection with human decency.

Even to describe the image as a “joke” is an affront to every comedian living and dead. What is funny in any context about a beheading? It is a vile and unspeakable act carried out by savages. There is no way that anyone who hates Trump could despise him any more than I despised the entire last Administration down to the last overpaid porn-surfing time-server. And I would have been exactly as appalled at such an image of Obama or Holder or Lois Lerner. Hell, I was angry when Obama was treated rudely in Russia: hey, you jerks, that’s MY President, even though I didn’t vote for him. Shake his damn hand or don’t invite him there. In a civil society, manners should still count for something. (I guess Obama hadn’t yet attained the maximum “flexibility” he promised Russia’s Medvedev. Who knows? Maybe he did a lot of yoga when he wasn’t golfing.)

Al Franken said the decapitated bloody head image was a “mistake.” Really? That is a definition of “mistake” with which I am not familiar. The empty-headed twit had to obtain the Trump head; she had to cover it in fake blood; she had to plan for a photo shoot and pay the photographer. She had to have makeup and hair done. What part of all that deliberate action was a “mistake”? If that is not a perfect definition of premeditation, then I don’t know what is.

A “mistake” is what I did the other day: I put nine eggs on to boil for my famous Deviled Eggs for Poker Night and went away to write a column. I failed to set the timer to 15 minutes and got carried away writing (Yeah, hard to believe, I know). The water boiled dry, the eggs exploded all over my kitchen, and I thought at first they were gunshots. I grabbed my Walther PPQ and screamed out to find out if my dear Mr. AG was alright. Now THAT is a “mistake.” Or possibly, not-all-that-early Alzheimer’s, but definitely not a deliberate act.

Thank God there were no killer eggs in big enough pieces to have to shoot them. My kitchen is a very richochet-rich environment with lots of granite.


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