Not blasé about de Blasio (2)

New York Post columnist Bob McManus follows up on the Post’s bon voyage to Mayor de Blasio on his trip to join the protest of the G20 summit in Hamburg. The Post headlines McManus’s column “Comrade de Blasio doesn’t care about New York.”

I had forgotten the word “philippic.” McManus’s column dredged it up from the back of my mind. The column is a philippic. Here is the opening:

Kaiser Wilhelm is on the road again, hanging with his peeps in Hamburg and waxing nostalgic for the glory days — when all the cool kids lived on the east side of the Wall and the socialist revolution was always just over the horizon.

OK, just goofing about the waxing-nostalgic part, but really: When the mayor of the capital city of global capitalism hops a plane to protest the G-20 meeting now underway in Germany, it’s not unreasonable to wonder: Will he be wearing a Guy Fawkes mask today — or his Che Guevara T-shirt?

Didn’t he honeymoon in Havana, after all? Why yes he did!

No need to speculate about this much, though: Bill de Blasio, nee Warren Wilhelm Jr., happily will fly 3,807 miles to weep for the world. But he doesn’t give a damn about you.

He doesn’t care about you so profoundly that he won’t even pretend to care about you.

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