Rush to Jean Yarbrough

The great Jean Yarbrough teaches government at Bowdoin College. Professor Yarbrough is the author of the indispensable and award-winning book Theodore Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition. We have celebrated Professor Yarbrough several times on Power Line, including via Steve Hayward’s induction of her into our (incomplete) Power Line 100. Most recently, we drew attention to her moving speech on the conservative turn in her thought.

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh introduced his huge radio audience to Professor Yarbrough. He read from Professor Yarbrough’s City Journal column “Trump–and Tocqueville?” Rush’s monologue is posted on his site as “Trump restores the America Tocqueville saw.” He applies the teaching of Professor Yarbrough’s column in his monologue on it. If you missed either Professor Yarbrough’s column or Rush’s exposition, please check it or them out.


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