Al Franken regrets

A stringer for 5 Eyewitness News in the Twin Cities caught up with Al Franken on his apology tour yesterday. It looks like the interview was conducted on outside the house of Franken’s daughter, where he had been holed up over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I have embedded the whole thing below (about 7 minutes).

The quality of the interview pales in comparison to that conducted by Esme Murphy on Sunday (posted here). Murphy cut through Franken’s talking points; 5 Eyewitness News interview s reduced to Franken’s talking points, but it is useful nevertheless. We can see the talking points reduced to their bare essence. We can observe how Franken has them memorized, in the telltale style of the conspirators in Z.

And they are revealed in their full stupidity, as even the editors of the Star Tribune comprehend. They put it this way: “Franken’s apology is less a statement of accountability and more akin to ‘I’m sorry for what you think I did.'”

What is to be done? The Star Tribune doesn’t say. Exercising unaccustomed self-restraint in their usual instruction to us on the way we live now, they politely ask Franken to sort it out.


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