Men at work, Hamas style

Over the weekend the IDF announced the second recent discovery and destruction of a terror tunnel penetrating Israel from Gaza, this one courtesy of Hamas (the first was a product of Islamic Jihad). I have embedded a tweet below with the IDF video regarding the tunnel. You can see to what use the Arabs of Gaza put the concrete and funds they import. Apart from advances in the techniques of terrorism, they have contributed approximately nothing to humanity.

The New York Times story includes this atmospheric sentence suggesting the downside of Israel’s detection and destruction of the tunnel: “More immediately, the action against the tunnel injected another element of uncertainty into the simmering tensions over President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” I fancy myself a capable translator of Times prose, but the precise meaning of that sentence escapes me. Perhaps it lacks a precise meaning beyond the implication that the defense of Israel from terrorism and President Trump’s decision to recognize Israel as the capital of Israel…they’re both bad.