In search of lost texts (6)

In part (5) of this series, Senators Johnson and Grassley wrote Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz to ask about the missing text messages of which they had been advised by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd at the end of last week. Today Horowitz responded to the senators’ inquiry in the letter that I have embedded via Scribd below. Horowitz advises that his office has employed forensic tools to recover missing Strzok/Page text messages, though he himself turn them over to the senators’ committees. He leaves that to the Department of Justice. He adds that his efforts to recover additional text messages is ongoing.

To say the least, the conduct of the FBI and Department of Justice in this matter is extremely troubling. I wish I could say that this installment of the series brings it to a close, but it is to be continued.

DOJ OIG Response to Senators Johnson and Grassley- 1-25-18 by Scott Johnson on Scribd


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