Say it ain’t so, Bret

Bret Baier recited something close to the approved Hamas version of the current edition of its continuing war on Israel at about 27:40 of Special Report last night (video here). There really is no excuse for this (which I transcribed from the video):

“Weekly protests along the Gaza border with Israel turned deadly again today. Gaza’s health ministry says three Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire while trying to breach the Gaza border. Protesters rally at the border every Friday as part of a campaign against the decade-old blockade of that territory. Since it began 35 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1500 wounded.”

Just about everything is wrong with this report. It recapitulates pure Hamas propaganda characterizing the weekly assault as “protests” against a “blockade” when it is one small part of Hamas’s continuing war on the existence of Israel. A serious account might add: “Hamas acknowledged that five of its terrorists were among the fatalities after the first Friday demonstration, but has since refrained for acknowledging whether its men are among the dead. Israel has identified other fatalities as members of terrorist groups.”