Why We Hate the Media, Chapter 12,784

From today’s Washington Post “Daily 202” dispatch:

Today is also CNBC talking head Larry Kudlow’s first day on the job as the president’s chief economic adviser, and longtime Fox contributor John Bolton will start next week as national security adviser.

Let’s see: that would be the same Larry Kudlow who was once chief economist at Bear Stearns, served in the Treasury Department and OMB under President Reagan? And that would be former UN Ambassador John Bolton, who also served in senior posts in the State Department and Justice Department under three prior presidents? No, let’s just describe them only by their affiliation with broadcast media we don’t like.

Reminds me how the media never tired of describing Ronald Reagan solely as a “former Hollywood actor,” conveniently forgetting that he’d been governor of the largest state in the country for two terms. Somehow that part of Reagan’s bio always seemed to slip out of their background research file.

Next up: more media reflections on how Hillary was the best qualified presidential candidate evah!


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