A Painter passing through, cont’d

Richard Painter is not only a candidate contending for the Democratic nomination to run for the Senate seat held by the appointed Democratic incumbent (Tina Smith), he holds an endowed chair at the University of Minnesota Law School. I think that probably warrants an exclamation point. Yet he isn’t even the nuttiest of the tenured faculty at the law school. I think that warrants an exclamation point too.

Let it all hang out, Professor Painter. You have nothing to lose but your reputation.

I forgot to mention that until he announced his candidacy two weeks ago, Painter held himself out as a Republican in connection with his many media appearances. We still don’t know when he found his true home in the Democratic Party. Now he is trying to get to the lunatic left of his opponent. It is a routine with a high degree of difficulty. Even though we only have Smith and Painter, it’s crowded over there.

Painter’s candidacy should be good for entertainment value. It has already provided me a bit of much needed comic relief today. I had a hard time following Painter’s train of thought in the tweet below, but Shannen Coffin has emailed this helpful comment on it: “Free stuff. That’s what the Declaration of Independence was all about.”


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