President Trump Responds to IG Report [with comment by Paul]

President Trump has been tweeting up a storm ever since he returned from Singapore. This is what he has had to say about the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s and DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email investigation:

So, it’s basically a victory lap.

The Inspector General was reviewing the Clinton email investigation, not the Russia investigation that has now been passed on to Bob Mueller. Yet the most interesting information in his report relates mostly to Russia. For example, Peter Strzok wasn’t going to stop Trump from being elected by anything having to do with the Clinton investigation, which was already over by August 2016. Rather, he had to be referring to his key role in the Russia investigation. I assume that he contemplated stopping Trump by leaking damaging (whether true or false) information gleaned from that investigation to the press.

PAUL ADDS: John has identified what I consider the most important aspect of the IG’s report — what it tells us about the motive behind the Russia investigation in its early days.

I must remind readers, however, that Trump, upon assuming the presidency, decided to retain Comey rather than relieving him of duty, as many of us thought he should. Where were Trump’s “good instincts” when he decided Comey would carry on as FBI director?