Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll finds no limits in THE THIRD RAIL. She writes:

For decades now, we have heard that the “third rail” in politics – untouchable without inviting electrocution – was the Social Security System.

And now a different sort of Third Rail has been grabbed. The lovely daughter of the President of the United States, communing with her beautiful baby, no less, is called a “feckless c*nt” by another woman. Charming. Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I used to own a copy of a feminist bible called Sisterhood is Powerful. Right. Some Sisterhood!

Ah, how far we have come from the civilized days when Democrat President Truman wrote a letter to a critic who panned his daughter’s musical talent in which he said, “Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below!”

Or earlier yet, when Democrat Andrew Jackson challenged a duelist because Jackson’s enemies had put the man up to an insinuation of indecency directed at Jackson’s beloved wife, Rachel. His enemies knew that Jackson’s code of honor would not allow him to let it slide. The man they picked to deliver the insult was a crack shot duelist. They figured it would be a good way to get rid of Old Hickory. Jackson let him fire first; took the large round to the shoulder, and then killed the man dead.

My experience as a person who identifies as a woman on account of that’s what I am has been that the “third rail” of unacceptable naughty words for almost all women is the “c-word.”

And so the race to the bottom for unfunny, potty-mouthed “comediennes” has been temporarily “won” by Samantha Wasp. Mosquito. Scorpion. Some annoying, stinging insect or other, possibly a Gnat. However, as Mr. AG says several times a day, there IS no bottom. So it will somehow be surpassed, probably within a week or two.

We’ve had bloody severed heads, threats to kill public figures (haha, just kidding, they always say when called out), weepy fake apologies, angry retractions of the fake apologies, middle finger salutes, endless “effenheimers,” the excruciating public attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a dinner for miserable tools with dead brains and deader souls.

Among these wretched, self-defined “nasty women” of the Left, who posture as tough by their foul mouths, not one had the cojones to disagree with calling a mother a c*nt. Quite the opposite, in fact. A couple of mediocre actresses – Minnie Driver? Sally “You like me! You really like me!” Field – not only supported Ms.Gnat, but said that “c*nt” was not an accurate description because Ivanka was not “deep” enough to be called that. Oh, to be that witty!

And a couple of man-like substances weighed in. And I do mean weighed in. Michael “Tub O’Goo” Moore put down his Krispy Kreme long enough to wheeze his support. And Josh Whedon – whose only hope for consensual sex with a woman is pretending to be a feminist – also saw nothing wrong with a big-time feminist calling another woman a c*nt.

I can’t define exactly why this particular word is so repulsive. Call me a “b*tch”, or even a “ho,” you will probably live to tell the tale. Though it’s hard for me to imagine a more hilarious or less-successful “ho” than a small woman of late late middle age, in jeans, purple tennis shoes and a Second Amendment t-shirt: “Hey, Big Boy, what caliber is your weapon?”

But, call me the “c-word,” I may not be responsible for what comes next.

But, then, what does feminism tell women in general, but that we are NEVER responsible for our own decisions or behavior? Our icky husbands made us vote against Hillary! Blast-From-the-Past Gennifer Flowers screwed the Big Married Horndog for TWELVE YEARS, as a participant, not as a hostage, and just the other day she snatched (sorry) the opportunity to assert #MeToo status as a “victim”. Woohoo! ANOTHER 15 minutes of fame!

The late, psychotic, plug-ugly dwarf Charles Manson shared his secret formula for getting a sizable harem of young women to do his bidding. Make them perform humiliating and deviant sex acts that break down all inhibitions and violate civilized norms. In no time, you will have a cult of lost, broken souls who are capable of slaughtering a 9-months pregnant woman. Yes, yes, I know that one person’s “deviant” act is another’s pleasure. I’m not talking about a wide range of “normal.” I’m talking about violating all borders and boundaries of human decency.

Women publicly calling another woman vile names and men tittering about it instead of defending the slandered woman as a gentleman would is a marker on the steep slide to Perdition, a breakdown of civilized norms.

People who fret over the effect on “Gaia” Mother Earth from SUVs do not think for a minute about how fragile “civilization” can be. Civilizations have come and gone. If you separate not only from sex from procreation but even loving intimacy, you have one ingredient for disaster. Demonizing normal, robust masculinity as “toxic” while unleashing enraged, unhinged, unfeminine women, immune to any criticism, is another way to hasten societal collapse.

I want to end by pointing out that virtually every one of these women in support of the use of the word c*nt were donning pussy hats and ranting about what a fiend Donald J. Trump was. If they believe there is an equivalence here, or that DJT “started” the War of the Vaginal Euphemisms, they are, as usual, not just wrong, but irretrievably stupid.

First, DJT’s little decade-old exchange with the Bush boy was PRIVATE. It had to be dug up by the Democrats and broadcast far and wide. Second, the word “pussy” was not an epithet hurled AT anyone in public. And third, what he actually said was absolutely true: that very rich men have gold-digging women coming at them seven ways past Sunday and that the women are so shameless that they will even permit “grabbing them by the pussy.” I have witnessed such behavior with my own eyes; ask any rich or famous man’s wife how other women behave around her husband. To a certain kind of woman, wealth is catnip.

I will let you make your own pussy joke here. Shout out to our late friend, Jay Comeau, who died just about a year ago and is much missed. And Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddies.