McCaskill lands in Troy

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is one of those party line Democrats who pretends to an independent voice representing her state around election time. As election time has come around again for her, she’s shuttling the state pretending to be one of the people — even as she uses her private jet to facilitate her local appearances by RV. What a phony!

Someone at the National Republican Senatorial Committee has a sense of humor. The NRSC dispatched a ground crew to greet McCaskill at a campaign event in Troy, Missouri. Dressed as an airport wing walker complete with orange batons, ear protectors, and a safety vest, the man from the NRSC was there to help guide McCaskill into the event as her campaign’s RV arrived and she came in for a landing. Message: Support Josh Hawley!

Via Jack Heretik/Washington Free Beacon.


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