The Ellison enigma

The New York Times takes up the latest accusation of domestic abuse against Keith Ellison in “A Broken Relationship and Accusations of Emotional Abuse: The Case of Keith Ellison.” The Times assigned two reporters to the story. It comes under the bylines of Julie Turkewitz and Farah Stockman. They spoke to “more than a dozen people who knew the couple.”

Note that Ellison declined a request for an interview by the Times. He is afraid he won’t get the light-touch Star Tribune treatment. He’s grown accustomed to it over the past 12 years.

Compare and contrast the Times story not just with the Star Tribune’s coverage of the same matter, but also with the Star Tribune’s latest story on Ellison. In that story the Star Tribune delivered the goods on Ellison’s day at the fair last weekend. Professional pride isn’t doing much for the Star Tribune as a news driver and the problem comes from the top.

The Times story comes with a photo of Ellison shaking the hands of a local suburban police officer. Let me just say this about that. Neither the Star Tribune nor the Times will be taking a look back at Ellison’s support of cop killers over the years.

About Ellison’s support of cop killers, by the way, there is no dispute. It’s no mystery. Sad to say that Ellison’s possible mistreatment of his girlfriends is far from the worst thing about him as candidate for Minnesota Attorney General.