Conservatism @ Yale

Some readers may be aware of the William F. Buckley Jr. Program at Yale, which aims to bring to Bill Buckley’s alma mater a steady diet of conservative content to make up for what is missing in the curriculum. And this year I am giving a ten-part series of lectures and seminars on the general subject of conservatism for the Buckley Program on the Yale campus.

I delivered the first lecture last week to a packed room (on a hot and steamy day that was punctuated at the end with a vigorous thunderstorm), on “Conservatism and Its Enemies”—a takeoff on the famous Karl Popper title.  The lecture is now posted on YouTube (one hour long):

The lectures are open to the public if you live in the New Haven area. I’ll be delivering my second lecture on Thursday, Sept. 27, at 4:30 pm at a location still to be announced (I can’t find a link to the event at the moment on the Buckley Program website, but I’ll update everything here when I know.) I’ll post the videos for the future lectures, and probably turn them into edited podcasts, too, to that you don’t have to watch me on your computer.

P.S. This series in a beta test in some ways of a large course I am developing for . . . Berkeley. Stay tuned. That’s when the real fun will begin. (I’ll likely make some of this content exclusive for Power Line VIP subscribers, so another reason to sign up!)

UPDATE: Along the way in this lecture I quipped that I was going to start my own conservative faction for dudes my age—”GrumpyCons”—whose core principle is obvious” Get off my lawn! This naturally inspired a reader to create a meme:

Well played, sir, well played.


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