Feel Good Story of the Day

Back in 1970, Newsweek reported about Governor Ronald Reagan: “People who come up against him think he’s a dumb movie actor, and they wind up in pieces.”

Funny how that seems to keep happening to Trump’s opponents, too. First, Elizabeth Warren self-immolates. Now it’s Michael Avenatti’s turn:

Judge Orders Lawyer To Pay $4.85 Million As Eviction Verdict Delivered

In what many people are referring to as righteous judgement, ‘Porn’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti was hit with two court judgmentstoday that spell bad news for the ‘creepy’ guy.

Not only was Avenatti hit with a multi-million dollar personal judgement concerning an unpaid debt to Jason Frank, but his former law firm, Eagan Avenatti, was evicted from its Newport Beach offices for nonpayment of four month’s rent.

But hey, Avenatti is heading off for his third visit to New Hampshire, since he’s clearly following the Al Sharpton plan for becoming a Democratic presidential hopeful. Sharpton used to have the deadbeat market cornered. No more.


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