Flynn’s fate (8)

It turns out that the Special Counsel filed two redacted versions of the FBI 302 summarizing the Strzok/Pientka interview of Michael Flynn in the White House on January 24, 2017. The two 302s are identical in substance. I have embedded the Special Counsel’s filing cover letter and the 302s as redacted below via Scribd.

The Special Counsel had originally filed the two 302s under seal with Judge Sullivan in response to his order entered in advance of the sentencing of General Flynn today. The Special Counsel has now publicly filed the 302s in response to a separate order entered by Judge Sullivan. The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland correctly read the tea leaves in the court’s docket last week.

Paul Mirengoff takes a look at the 302 in the adjacent post. The Examiner’s Kelly Cohen comments here. Sara Carter comments here. Sundance comments here.

Robert Barnes comments via Twitter here. Byron York comments via Twitter here. Techno Fog comments in a series of tweets accessible here.

I recommend TF’s observations on the interview summary. He opens his linked tweets with this invitation and observation: “Let’s go through the new Flynn FBI 302, dated 2/15/2017. It starts with either the Agents or McCabe telling Flynn the ‘nature of the interview.’ The 302 neglects to mention what the nature of the interview was.”

12 17 18 Redacted Flynn Interview 302 by Scott Johnson on Scribd