AP stickin’ with the story

A reader writes from China to lend a hand to attorneys who may represent the MAGA hat-wearing Catholic high school studentsin their potential libel lawsuits. According to the AP and other outlets, these students allegedly mocked a Native American after they participated in the pro-life rally in DC on Friday. John posted a screenshot of the principal AP story by Adam Beam and Brian Melley here yesterday. The story has now been widely debunked. The young man who became the target of the resulting abuse has also issued his own statement recounting what happened.

The original AP story is essentially a crock. It is based on a distorted account of the underlying events. As of this morning, however, the AP still has its original story with the attention-grabbing headline posted without retraction, addition, clarification or correction: “Students in MAGA hats mock Native American rally.” As R. Crumb’s Mr. Natural said after he did the dishes, “Another job well done!”