Fake News

A Partisan Virus?

Featured image A lot of people are making the usual red-versus-blue points out of this survey data reported in the New York Times, showing Democrats more alarmed by the risk of COVID-19 than Republicans: The left, and the media, say this is proof of the insensitivity or “science denial” of Republicans or something, though I say it reflects the superior ability of Republicans to calculate risk tradeoffs better than Democrats. More on »

Our Garbage Media in One Story

Featured image We noted here a couple days ago how the New York Times actually appeared to be reporting the truth about congressional Democrats for a change. Well, it didn’t last long, as this progression makes clear. They must have got the memo from Nancy. Time to amend the old joke: How do you tell when the New York Times editors are lying? When their lips move. »

Pushing Back on Chinese Virus “Racism”

Featured image This comes, I think, from today’s COVID-19 press briefing. A reporter from One America News asks President Trump whether he considers it alarming that American reporters–“even in this room”–are echoing Chinese Communist narratives by asserting that calling a Chinese virus a Chinese virus is “racist.” Trump responds: The faces made in the room as @ChanelRion asks Trump: Is it alarming that major media players…are consistently siding with a foreign state »

No, Trump did not dissolve the pandemic response office

Featured image Former Obama administration officials have been claiming that President Trump and his then-national security adviser John Bolton “dissolved” the office at the White House responsible for disaster preparedness. Trump’s legion of knee-jerk critics have run with this claim. But according to Tim Morrison, the former aide to whom direction of this office was assigned, the office was not “dissolved.” It remains in operation under Morrison’s successor. Writing in the Washington »

More Lies From the New York Times

Featured image The Democrats are desperate to blame President Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus, and to criticize any measures his administration may take. They are shameless, too; at first, his response–an early ban on travel from China, which undoubtedly saved lives–was racist and xenophobic, while now anything he does is too little. Meanwhile, one country after another, Germany and Canada most recently, is closing down its borders. I guess there are xenophobes »

Steve Wynn Vindicated

Featured image In 2018, the “me too” movement claimed casino owner Steve Wynn as one of its most famous victims. The Associated Press obtained a police report showing that a woman named Halina Kuta had accused Wynn of raping her in the early 1970s. The AP ran with the story, and it was repeated by other news outlets. This is the New York Times version: The fallout for Mr. Wynn and his »

The Bad Faith of the News Media, Chapter 12,186

Featured image I know our readers don’t need to have the fundamental bias and bad faith of the mainstream media explained, but in light of the fact that the media is now saying that calling COVID 19 the “Wuhan virus” is—wait for it—raaaaccciiisttt, kudos to the Media Research Center folks for this compilation of the mainstream media—and especially CNN—for using that very term three dozen times. I guess that was before they »

Washington Post lies about Trump’s coronavirus presser

Featured image Yesterday, President Trump toured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Afterwards, he spoke to the press, alongside Secretary of HHS Alex Azar and top officials from the Center. Aspects of the president’s performance were off putting, or should be for all but Trump’s most ardent supporters. He bragged about his grasp of information and analysis relevant to the coronavirus, saying “maybe I have natural ability.” Trump clearly »

Math Is Hard for Liberals

Featured image Forget fake news. The media has come up with fake math. If you want to understand better why “progressives” like Bernie Sanders and Lizzie Warren think it easy to provide free stuff to everybody, get a load of the common core math at work in this short 45-second clip: Seriously, I know Brian Williams was there when Einstein came up with theory of special relativity and when the first atomic »

Loose Ends (108)

Featured image While we await the vote count to come in from New Hampshire this evening (if it comes in—what are the odds of another vote count mystery?), a few items to keep you busy and out of trouble. • I’ve seen a report on Twitter this morning that Joe Biden has left New Hampshire for South Carolina, which means that he knows he is going to do so poorly that he »

The New York Times Never Disappoints!

Featured image There’s a joke from way back in the 1980s about how the major media would report the announcement that the world is going to end tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow; Markets to Close Early.” USA Today’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow, but We’ll Grin and Bear It.” And the New York Times headline would say: “World Ending Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.” Lo and »

Media Madness: NBC News Tells CNN, “Hold My Beer”

Featured image If you think it is impossible to sink lower than CNN, well have a look at a piece up over at NBC News by Noah Berlatsky: Trump Voters Motivated by Racism May Be Violating the Constitution: Can They Be Stopped? The article goes on to report on the “reasoning” of Terry Smith, a visiting professor of law at the University of Baltimore Law School (I never heard of him either), which »

Why People Hate the Media, Chapter 12,186

Featured image Everyone is scandalized that Arizona Senator Martha McSally called a CNN reporter a “liberal hack” and refused to speak with him, but I think this falls into the category of a Michael Kinsley gaffe, that is, when someone tells the truth they’re not supposed to tell in Washington. As Paul noted yesterday, CNN completely disgraced itself in the Democratic debate Tuesday with its handling of the Warren-Sanders “he said—she said” »

We now know: CNN won’t come clean

Featured image Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple has undertaken a retrospective series on “the media’s mishandling of the Steele dossier” in light of the recent Department of Justice Inspector General report on the FBI’s FISA-related misconduct investigating the Trump campaign and presidency. His series has reached nine parts with no end in sight. Yesterday in part 9 Wemple put CNN’s advocacy of the Steele Dossier under the microscope. Wemple urges CNN »

A Baghdad Embassy Postscript

Featured image I noted here that news accounts of the siege of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad conventionally refer to the Iranian or pro-Iranian force that attacked the embassy as “protesters.” This conferred a sort of legitimacy on the attack, and was wrong. But the New York Times went farther over the edge, referring to the militiamen as “mourners.” Hundreds of Iraqi mourners tried to storm the United States Embassy in Baghdad, »

The Cartoonish Climate Crusade

Featured image For several years now the climatistas have liked to point out that the Pentagon—the military industrial complex!—is down with climate alarmism, issuing a series of reports saying that climate change might be a serious security risk in the future. I always enjoy this celebration, because it is the first time I can remember that the left has embraced with complete credulity something coming out of the Pentagon, which they otherwise »

We now know: It’s a mad, mad Maddow — and beyond

Featured image Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple has undertaken a retrospective series on “the media’s mishandling of the Steele dossier” in light of the recent Department of Justice Inspector General report on the FBI’s FISA-related misconduct investigating the Trump campaign and presidency. Today his series has reached six parts with no end in sight. Yesterday in part 5 Wemple put MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow under the microscope. Maddow not only touted the »