Let the healing begin

I don’t want Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign. In his own way he perfectly represents the Democratic Party. He is a devout advocate of the positive good view of abortion. He defends extension of the practice to “infants” or, perhaps preferably, postpartum entities. He freely dealt the race card from the bottom of the deck against Ed Gillespie. Now he heartlessly leaves us wondering whether he is the man in blackface or under the KKK hood in the infamous medical school yearbook photo. He’ll probably clear that up next week. In the meantime, the Democrats deserve him. Oh, yes, indeed they do.

So far, anyway, Governor Northam is resisting the harsh demands that he step down and spare his fellow Democrats the embarrassment. After all, they want to continue to deal the race card without the Northam baggage. In the video below, Governor Northam announces that he’s sitting tight. Let the healing begin.