Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll covers the Jussie Smollett case in CHICAGO IS MAGA COUNTRY? WHO KNEW? She writes:

In the late ’70s there was a horrendous spate of child murders in the Atlanta area. Once it became clear that a serial monster was on the loose, people sprang into action. It was all little black children, almost all boys. Racist slanders to the contrary, white people were just as appalled as black people. Committees were formed, ribbons were worn, buttons were sold that said, “Stop the Racist Murders.” OBVIOUSLY, it was racist, right? Who in their right mind would believe that a black man had done such hideous things to black children? Then they arrested Wayne Williams for two murders and seemed to connect him to several others. He was black and the community reeled, so much so that there is still doubt that he was the one.

But save those “stop the racist attacks” ribbons because next came Tawana Brawley, pathetic little black girl attacked by WHITE COPS in New York who smeared her with dog feces. Again, white people were appalled, ashamed and even righteous cop-supporters were worried. What would make people do such a thing? Oopsie. She did it herself – with help – no cops; no white people. If YOU had participated in such a hoax, you might still be in prison. Ah, but not Al Sharpton. He has a job in television and owes several million dollars in back taxes. And you thought crime didn’t pay!

Examples of other hate crime hoaxes of a racial nature abound, from “white” Hispanics to bananas in trees. Then just a few weeks ago, we got PROOF POSITIVE that a couple of white guys had walked right up to a car with a little black girl in it and fired bullets into the car without any regard for human life, killing the little black girl. Thank God we had EYE WITNESSES – the surviving family members of the murdered child told all and sundry that the murderers were not only white men but had blue eyes, that’s how close they had been.

Oopsie. Nope. Just garden variety black thugs who may or may not have had a drug or gang beef with the “adults” in whose unfortunate care the little girl had found herself. We’ll never know because there’s nothing to see here anymore.

And now we have Jussie, gay black actor assaulted in Chicago. OMG, he says he went out for “something to eat” at 2:00 a.m. And that is the only thing he has said that I believe is true.

Let even the bare facts that we know sink in: he went out in absolutely frigid weather at 2:00 a.m. in dangerous Chicago. He couldn’t have a pizza delivered? He couldn’t make a peanut butter sandwich? The only people I have known who would go out at any time, in any weather, were hard-core smokers out of cigarettes. Or gay men looking for another anonymous, death-defying hookup. I have seen no evidence of a successful hook-up. But neither is there any evidence of a crime. So, how did the rope get around his neck?

Let’s see – how to fan the flames of racist anti-white hate, get some publicity for his career, AND become some kind of martyr/hero to such morons as Cory Booker who thinks we need a new “anti-lynch” law. Because murder and assault are not already illegal. Not that Jussie was actually lynched, despite greeting the cops at his door with a rope still around his neck.

And who did this to him? Oh, but of course. Two white men who “recognized” him in a television drama not 12 white people in America probably watch, all bundled up in clothes in the dark so that probably his own mother couldn’t have recognized him. My former gay, black hairdresser, now, sadly, dead of AIDS, said when he moved from the South to Minneapolis in winter, he thought he was the only black person in Minnesota because people were so bundled up at the bus stop that he couldn’t even tell their race.

Jussie’s racist attackers were just a couple of icky white people out at 2:00 a.m. carrying a bottle of bleach and a rope — on spec — just in CASE a random black or gay person happened to be out on the street looking for something to eat. Yes, happens all the time. Because Trump.

I know several dozen Trump voters personally. One thing stands out about all of us – the ones with the black or brown grandchildren, the ones with the gay children or friends, and especially those of us who are elderly and in bed by 9:00 p.m. – we don’t always go out in urban America late at night. But when we do, we always carry noxious chemicals and rope so if we run across any of those “Others” Obama was always going on about, we can hurl appropriate epithets and bleach at them while saying, “This is MAGA country!”

But, wait, there’s more! Ah yes, Jussie was on the phone with his manager at the exact moment when the attack took place! What ARE the chances? MY manager in Atlanta would have been just delighted to hear from me at 2:00 a.m. Did Jussie say, “Help, Mr. Manager, call 911 right now because some icky white people are attacking me?” No, probably not, but he won’t give up his phone to the cops anyway. Did he take a picture of his assailants with that phone? No. Does he have any defensive wounds on his fists or DNA under his fingernails? We don’t know. But, his manager DID “hear” the assailants yell, “This is MAGA country.”

That is particularly hilarious. The two icky white MAGA people didn’t STEAL his phone or dislodge it when they were putting the clothesline around his neck. They didn’t even take his Subway. Uh-huh.

Let’s say just for the sake of fun that the manager DID hear SOMEONE say, “This is MAGA country!” Jussie is an ACTOR. He can talk any way he wants to talk. Have you ever listened to a Book on Tape? ONE talented actor reads all the parts – men, women, Southern accents, black accents, old people voices – they can do it all. He says his preposterous story is “consistent.” He is an actor. He memorizes a script every week.

But by all means, let’s task the Chicago cops with looking through hundreds of hours of security tape in the area. Let’s send them off looking for “Persons of Interest” all bundled up and also out on the deserted streets. It was well below freezing – where is the puddle of frozen bleach? Where are any blood stains from the alleged beat-down?

And what if everything Jussie said happened turns out to be true? Well, that would be a sickening criminal incident, not unlike what the elderly victims of the “Knock-out Game” must have experienced. Never heard of the Knock-out Game? There’s a reason for that – the elderly white people who were smashed in the face were hit by young thugs of color as a kind of contest to see who could render an old white person unconscious with one punch. Did Cory Booker or Nancy Pelosi ever weigh in on that, propose “anti-geezer beating” legislation, or send wishes for a speedy recovery to the victims? If not, then I have lost interest in their crocodile tears now. And those attacks actually happened.

UPDATE: At American Thinker Taylor Day reports on the latest developments in the case.