Left Readies to Jump the . . . Snark?

Just when you think the mainstreaming of reparations, wealth confiscation, Medicare-for-All, and every other idea from the wish list of every socialist fruit-juice drinker has gone to the limit, one more comes along. The New Republic, a once-serious magazine, informs us:

Why Animal Rights Is the Next Frontier for the Left

. . .If recent trends on the liberal-left are any indication, the stars may be re-aligning for the forces of reform to track a different historical course. Crucial elements of the contemporary progressive agenda—protecting the environment; protecting marginalized communities; rolling back the unfettered capitalist exploitation of the planet and its inhabitants; and expanding our understanding of what constitutes a victim—all overlap with the issue of animal rights. As those particular priorities claim center stage in ambitious proposals such as the Green New Deal, the question of what to do about animals will become central. More than that—it will be unavoidable. .

. . . there’s a growing consensus on the American left that there’s something wrong about the way we traditionally consume meat

I would say that the left is getting ready to jump the shark, except PETA scolded us several months ago to stop using animal metaphors. So I guess we’ll have to say the left has jumped the snark?

What are the odds that the Democratic Party 2020 platform will contain an animal rights plank? Just because The New Republic warns that “if Democrats were to make lowering meat consumption, by fiat or policy nudges, part of their platform, it would likely be a losing issue” is no reason not to do the right thing!

P.S. If you can stand to read to the middle of the article, you will reach this gem:

Crucially, animal rights activists have to stop comparing the struggle of animals to the struggle of black people in America. Because to many on the old-school human left, animal rights activists aren’t just a bunch of silly vegans. They’re a bunch of racist vegans.

There follows several more dense paragraphs dilating this point, culminating in this instruction:

This is the core problem animal rights groups must atone for, said Will Kymlicka: “We want other social justice movements to accept animal rights, but it means animal-rights groups need to be much more responsible members of the family.”

In other words, stay in your lane, bro.

Now excuse me while I rustle up a bacon-cheeseburger.