What Genocide? [Updated]

This is a day old, so you may already have seen it. And it goes back to 2017, when Ilhan Omar, then a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, tweeted this condemnation of the country that saved her from a refugee camp in Kenya:

Like so much that Omar says, this is painfully stupid, although–to be fair–it is the kind of cant that one can easily pick up at school nowadays. It would be entertaining to have a chat with Ms. Omar about what “genocide” she is referring to, and how exactly “neocolonialism” works in today’s world. These most likely are buzzwords that she has absorbed without having any clear understanding of their meaning. It would also be fun to take her through the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and ask her to identify the “genocidal” parts on which “our nation was founded.”

Omar, as I wrote here and as Nancy Pelosi has acknowledged, is not a person of much intelligence. Yet her words, though ignorant, are important because they reveal her virulent hatred of America. Hating America is common in the Democratic Party, where Omar is considered a superstar. Her childish references to “genocide” and “neocolonialism” will only increase her popularity there.

The other lesson we can draw from Omar’s anti-Americanism is one we have seen countless times before: if you scratch someone who hates Israel, you will nearly always find someone who hates the United States.

UPDATE: Kurt Schlichter makes a basic point: our politics today require a fundamental choice between those who hate us, and those who don’t:

It isn’t clear to me why this is a hard call for some people.