A Day In the Life of a Police Officer

This video was in the New York Post. I saw it at Althouse. It shows a shooting of a suspect by a police officer in San Diego last year.

The police officer is being approached on a street by a man who swings a four-foot chain. The officer tries to get the man to drop the chain. Ann’s comment is apt: “[I]t’s astounding how long the cop walks backward, warning the man that he will get shot.” The suspect says a couple of times, “Trump is the devil.” The officer tried to tase him, but the taser missed. At one point the suspect, steadily advancing on the policeman, says, “You want to shoot me because I’m black.” (The officer sounds like he is black, too.)

The shooting was judged to be in self-defense and the officer was not charged, obviously the correct decision. This appears to be a case of “suicide by cop.” The suspect was obviously disturbed, although the things he said–“Trump is the devil,” “You want to shoot me because I’m black”–he could have gotten from reading the New York Times.