Oh, those Virginia Dems

Where do the most wacko voters in America reside? Probably in Minnesota’s fifth congressional district. For years, the Democratic voters there sent Keith Ellison to Congress. Now that he has finally moved on, they have unleashed Ilhan Omar on Washington.

Virginia’s Democratic voters deserve honorable mention, though. Last election cycle, they served up the scandal-ridden trio of Ralph Northam, Jason Fairfax, and Mark Herring for the top three executive positions in the Commonwealth.

Then, last week, Northern Virginia Democrats voted out a pair of highly competent veteran Democrat prosecutors. In their place, they selected Soros-funded candidates who, it appears, lack the expertise and the appetite vigorously to enforce the criminal law.

At the same time, in Southern Virginia, Democrats voted in Joe Morrissey for a seat in the state Senate. Morrissey served time in jail for having an affair with his underage receptionist (whom he later married). He pleaded guilty to contributing to the girl’s delinquency. She was 17 at the time. He was 56.

Morrissey, a criminal defense lawyer, lost his law license as a result of his crime. Come January, he will have a seat in Virginia’s upper legislative chamber as consolation.

Morrisseys’ ascension to the Senate may have interesting implications for the balance of power in that body. Currently, Republicans hold a two-seat majority. Given the scandals under which the Commonwealth’s top Democrats are laboring, the GOP hopes to increase that margin.

It’s possible, however, that the election could produce a 20-20 split. In that event, Democrats will need Morrissey’s support to have a working majority.

Morrissey is basically a liberal, but he’s also a bit of a maverick. Moreover, Democrats distanced themselves from him to some degree when he was criminally charged. Morrissey resents it. Thus, Democrats cannot count on Morrissey, a point he made during his victory celebration.

My guess is that, in the end, Morrissey will mostly play ball with the Democrats. Their views largely align with his, and certainly with those of his core constituents — black voters.

But if Democrats lose sleep worrying about how Morrissey will vote, that’s a plus, though certainly not enough of one to alleviate my disgust that this guy will serve in Virginia’s Senate.


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